Having fun is what the Fair is all about. Enjoy some of the highlights with me!!
Ann Lufkin

equine artist

Specializing in harness racing

Everybody gets in on the act

Everywhere you turn someone is partying. Even the decorations have to join in on the fun. Great job of decorating the Jug and Juggette barns

Party Central

Walking around the fairgrounds introduces you to many sights (Some you may wish you hadn't seen). Campers arranged in groups forming little settlements are every where. Always decorated and always partying. What a great week. As you go around the back stretch you'll see grubby old chairs chained to the fence marking someone's territory. Come JUG day it will be wall to wall people. Everybody having a great time.

Some long standing traditions

Chicken Man and friends have been here for years. Each year they add something new to their hats or vests. People really look forward to the JUG and get pumped during it. It just doesn't get better than this.

Jerry Fleet

Jerry has been coming to the JUG for over 50 years. For the past 27 years he has been entertaining clients at the JUG expanding the population. Fine food, good drinks and great company is a trademark of the JUG parties all around. Young and old turn out to take in the sights and sounds of JUG week.

Shelters are every where

Every where you turn you will find canopies and screen houses set up. large screen televisions and speakers from the track make the whole show available no matter where you are. It's like Hogmany in Scotland. people flow from party to party.

You are never very far from a betting window.

Windows are set up in the grandstands, in the pavilion, on the backstretch. We'd better watch out or there'll be an app for that too.