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From my early childhood in England I knew I wanted to be an artist. I started drawing on anything I could find, (including walls). Encouraged by my mother, I continued to refine my dream. Since then, two passions have dominated my life - horses and art. This has driven my creative endeavors throughout my life. Although I have had some formal education in art, I am mostly self- developed. Over time my style has evolved, allowing me to better capture the magnificence of the working horse. From harness racing to western pleasure; from cart horse to thoroughbred, there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man. Now I primarily focus on Harness Racing art, but continue to experiment.

My husband and I raised Clydesdale for several years. Although they brought great joy, deteriorating health forced us to move on. We stumbled onto the harness racing programs at the county fairs and quickly realized that this is what we were looking for. The great people we have met and the strong family involvement is the solid foundation of this sport. Recognizing the need to promote harness racing to our youth as the means of continuing the growth of our passion we got involved with the various organizations promoting careers in the sport. I started to support the youth by participating in Stan’s Harness Tracks of America Art Auction. By supporting our youth we create pathways to the future. 4H clubs that focus on the harness racing industry and the creation of scholarships awarded by state and local harness horseman's associations, and the local agricultural societies are the best way to support our youth. Utilizing my love for art and horses, I am able to support these worthwhile programs. I endeavor to endow these programs through the donation of art work for raffle and monetary donations to the scholarship funds. Through all of our efforts, we provide the means to support the programs which allow our talented youth to further their education, and enrich all of our lives. One of my greatest joys is watching the “generations” working together. Many of the young stars I have watched grow up before my eyes.

Another passion of mine is to help support the various horseman’s groups and societies as they promote the sport and offer opportunities to the rank and file of our business. Since 1994 I have been providing win paintings to the owners of the 2 year old pace and trot winners of the DR. H. M. Parshall futurity. While we all can’t turn every horse into a “Jug” winner, we still need horses to provide the field for the quality racing Ohio has become famous for. For the past six years I have worked with the winners of the Brandt Extra Effort award. I like to attend their matinees and awards banquets. By providing door prizes and other forms of support I believe that the local organizations are getting stronger and able to push the growth envelope.

I am truly blessed, and feel highly honored to be able to participate in the Jug Week ceremonies at the Delaware County Fair. Painting the win picture that is presented to the owners at the Awards Ceremony is truly the highlight of my year and I feel quite humbled to know that my art works are part of collections all over the world.

Being asked to do the OHIO Horse of the Year painting for the OHHA Banquet and to display some of my artwork in the new USTA office are some of my latest accomplishments and while really keeping me busy, is a source of great pride.

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